How to Be a Better Blogger (Part 3)

Andy Warhol & another Pittsburgher who sees the world differently

Andy Warhol knew the power of an iconic image.

Need some ideas for your blog?  Look to images for inspiration. Lots of people are more visual, they learn better by seeing things and express themselves better with images. You could be a better blogger by starting with an image. As you go through the day, try taking a variety of photographs that represent your ideas, your perspectives, a problem you would like to solve, a new way of seeing the old world.

I spoke with one client who wanted to know if his business blog could “just have before and after pictures” of his projects because he didn’t feel he was much of a writer. Since his business provided tree removal and landscaping, that was a perfect approach for his line of work.

Don’t feel you have to write lengthy explanations if your images tell a better story. It’s cliche but a powerful image can do more than an excess of words. And photos shared on social networks get high rates of engagement.