Critique My Writing – Aug 24 2012 Writing Prompt.

Aug 24 2012 Writing Prompt.

How to Survive a Broken Heart: A Manual

1. First you must love someone incredibly deeply and commit much of you life to their needs and desires. But this can’t be a hardship for you, it must be something you do willingly, you may almost be compelled to do it.

2. Then you must be rejected and cast aside by this person that had consumed your thoughts and dreams.

3. Next you weep and allow feelings of disbelief wash over you. Ask yourself: Is this really happening? Ask your love: Is this really happening? Then be filled with fear. Be frightened that you will never love or be loved again.

4. Whimper.

5. Wail.

6. Live in a fog for weeks where food is tasteless, nothing amuses or interests you and bodily hygiene is an afterthought. Dedicate yourself to a rigorous schedule of sleep punctuated by bouts of crying.

7. Reject the support of a sympathetic and compassionate friends who claim to understand your grief. Accuse them of hiding prior knowledge that your love was planning to destroy yourself. Point out their failings and flaws if necessary to reduce your own pain.

8. On a day when your schedule is light, allow anger and rage to well up inside you and mutilate or dismantle every physical reminder in your home of your love. Pile these items in a box and take a photo. Text your love the photo with the phrase “You broke my heart. I broke your shit.”

9. Laugh.

10. Repair anything valuable that you could re-sell.