I Made a Huge Mistake in My Novel!!!!!!!

OMG!! I can’t believe it!!!! After getting two¬†separate critiques from fellow writers (who were awesome!!!!) and from a very friendly and helpful agent (she’s the best!!!!) I learned I made a huge, really horrible mistake in my novel manuscript!!! And I’ve been sending this manuscript out to agents!!! And they’ve been rejecting it, with nice words, but I still cannot believe I did this!!!!

You might have made the same mistake and I’m worried you might not even realize it!!!

Don’t worry, though, because there’s still time to correct it if you did, so yay!!

I have been using way too many exclamation points in my novel!!!

I used 307!!!!

I used 5 just on the first page!! Look!!


Here’s a screenshot of the first page of my novel!!!


What the heck! Who even does that! Why would I use so many?

Have you ever read a novel with 307 exclamation marks? How many are in a normal novel? I don’t know!!

I used over 3000 periods and 500 question marks (Wow!!) but I also used 307 exclamation points!!! That is crazy!! But I’m also kind of excited!!!

I’m going to go and delete some before I send the new version out to three new agents who favorited my tweet during the most recent #PitMad. I was pretty psyched to get three favorites!! But I really have to delete some of those exclamation marks. And maybe drink less coffee.

Who am I kidding? I love coffee!!