New Publication! Aunty Greenleaf and my Encyclopedia Entry

I love encyclopedias.
encyclopedia screenshot

Last year, ABC-CLO accepted my application to write an entry in their encyclopedia on American Myths. The book is now published.

It is pretty exciting to see my name in the list of contributors in an encyclopedia. I remember as a kid sitting down and turning pages in our encyclopedias learning about topic after alphabetized topic.


Through this experience, I got to do something I love doing. I got to research and learn new things! I learned a lot of new American myths and legends I had never heard before. The story of Kate Shelly saving a train really excited me.

The Legend

The legend I eventually wrote was about Aunty Greenleaf. There isn’t a lot written about her, but her story isn’t really unknown or unusual. Here’s a snippet of the end to whet your curiosity.


You can read more about ABC-CLIO here.