What’s Your Favorite Bird?

It’s hard for me to pick a favorite bird. I usually list my top five.

I love red-tailed hawks. I formed a bond with one that used to follow me when I went on runs and even killed a rabbit in my backyard.

I love crows. They are so smart and family oriented. I want to make friends with our neighborhood crows.

Baltimore Orioles are the birds of my hometown. But I never saw them when I lived in Maryland. I’ll never forget when I saw one in my backyard for the first time on Mother’s Day.

I think puffins are awesome, but I’ve never seen one in real life. It’s my dream to see one!

Now I’m struggling to pick a fifth. Is it the hermit thrush that landed on the trail in front of me? They have a beautiful song. The hooded warbler I hunted for all summer? The evening grosbeaks I finally saw with my youngest?

I don’t know if I can pick a fifth. What’s your favorite bird?