Tech Tricks for Writers: Voice Memos

Here’s another tech trick for writers! This one is about using Voice Memos. Voice Memos is an app on the iPhone. Other phones probably have a voice memo app, too. (I use an iPhone, so that’s the one I know!) I keep this app in the “Writing” folder on my Home Screen.

Voice Memos is hugely helpful for writers. One of the main ways I use Voice Memos is to quickly record thoughts when they are too long to quickly type.

Here’s another way to use Voice Memos, especially if you’re writing picture books. Picture books are meant to be read out loud. So when you’ve finished a picture book draft, open up that Voice Memos app and read it out loud.

Record yourself reading your manuscript. Then listen to the playback. As you listen, as yourself these questions:

  1. How do the words sound out loud? Are they confusing? Do you stumble?
  2. Is there rhythm? Is there alliteration?
  3. How long does it take to read your story? Is it taking too long?

If you want to take this to the next level, get your critique group involved. It can be stressful and scary to have someone read your book out loud while you are face to face, in person or over Zoom. So try this. Ask someone to read your book on their own and record it on Voice Memos and listen to how it sounds when THEY read it.


Hearing how your book sounds out loud is going to help you create a better version of this book. Have you ever used Voice Memos?