Books and Board Games

Books and Board Games – For Dinosaur Fans!

Who doesn’t love dinosaurs? Toys, pajamas, movies, chicken nuggets –  dinosaurs are everywhere. When you’re ready to go beyond Jurassic Park and learn even more about dinosaurs, it’s worth checking out the nonfiction book The First Dinosaur: How Science Solved the Greatest Mystery on Earth by Ian Lender. This book tells the story of how… Read more »

Books and Board Games: For Dog Lovers!

OK who does not love books about dogs? And games about dogs? And everything about dogs?? Even cat people will love these books and board games about our FBFS. furry best forever friends. Caldecott winner Hot Dog by Doug Salati   Dogs: A History of Our Best Friends by Lita Judge    Two excellent board… Read more »

Books and Board Games: For Sushi Lovers

Can’t get enough of sushi? Love taking the family out to eat some nigiri and tamago and sashimi? Then I have a tasty book and game combo for you. But this time, I’m switching things up. Instead of a board game it’s a card game. And instead of a picture book, this book and game… Read more »

Books and Board Games – For Adventures in Space Lovers!

Want to blast off with some fun books and board games? This unusual pairing is sure to launch your space adventurers into the stars. First we have the card game Space Team created by Stellar Factory. Like most rocket launches, this game is LOUD!! The entire game is about communicating with your astronaut crew to… Read more »

Books and Board Games: For Butterfly Lovers!

  Did you know that I was once a butterfly babysitter? Yep, a friend asked me to watch over her two dozen monarch caterpillars – including feeding them and  cleaning up their poop – until they made their chrysalises and hatched into butterflies! That’s why I love the board game Mariposas by (again) the incredible… Read more »

Books and Board Games – For Flower Lovers

Celebrate spring with this colorful pairing of books and board games all about flowers! Yes, I am featuring another game designed by the incredible Elizabeth Hargrave. Her games are always about things I love. Tussie Mussie is a quick and easy card game with gorgeous art is also about the historic language of flowers! Once… Read more »

Books and Board Games – for Bee Lovers

Nothing is sweeter than a good book. Or maybe a fun board game. Or maybe a spoonful of honey? (Did you know one bee will make one tablespoon of honey in its entire lift!) Combine all three and you have something special! Yes, I love bees. I know they can be scary to some people,… Read more »

Books and Board Games – for Bird Lovers

Two things I love are books and board games. But I also love card games, dice games, even games where you try and bounce ping pong balls into a pattern. So, while books and board games has nice alliteration, I’m open to all kinds of games. This perfect pairing of books and board games is… Read more »