General writing

Writing with Conscious Style

In August, I attended the SCBWI annual Summer Conference in Los Angeles. While I was there, I learned how to be a good regional advisor for Pennsylvania West, my home region. I learned about how to submit book manuscripts with back matter ideas. I learned that people in LA take their dogs into Target. And… Read more »

Writing Stories is Like Ice Cream

Some days, writing stories is like ice cream, the hard kind you scoop out of a container and it is still so frozen it bends your spoon. It can be a lot of work to get that story out. Usually it’s amazing after you’re done. You feel like you earned it. Other days, writing stories… Read more »

Writing for Children is So Fun

I love writing for children. I have a long list of why, and I plan to write a post about it. But for now I just want to say again writing for children is so fun!! Here’s why. I get to create cool crafts like this one that is in Highlights for Children! Pick up… Read more »

Update on my 2019 children’s writing projects

It’s been a good year for 2019 writing projects. Most of my writing is for children and young readers and right now, most is non-fiction. I thought it would be good to do a review of what I’ve completed. When I think back to where I started, well, it feels pretty good. Editing But at the… Read more »

New Publication: Why You Need a Questing Stone

Are you ready for an incredible journey? It’s time for a Questing Stone. I’m excited to share that my new creative kids’ activity is now published in Highlights for Children! Check out the July 2019 issue and look in the crafts section. There you will find the instructions to make your very own Questing Stone! (Read to… Read more »

What Are You Thinking?

One thing I need to work on is adding in my character’s inner thoughts. How do you like to do that when you write?

What Would Your Character Do? The Creek

Scenario: Your character arrives at a creek. The water is fast but not deep. How well do you know your character? What would they do? Stay high and dry on the bank? Explore the muddy shores? Venture out onto the rocky peninsula? Fall in accidentally? On purpose? Would they not even know what a creek… Read more »

Writing Weekend

This is a big writing weekend! On Saturday, I’m heading to an SCBWI workshop exploring diversity in children’s writing. I’m really looking forward to learning from the two exciting speakers at the event. They are Lorian Tu, an illustrator, and Brittany Thurman, an author. There’s still time to register for this event and add it… Read more »