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Share a School Visit

Author Visit Info I’ve updated my school visit flyer and postcard – if you know teacher who would love a school visit, please share! Downloadable PDF Postcard: Author Visit Postcard Elizabeth Pagel-Hogan Downloadable PDF Flyer: Author visit with Elizabeth Pagel-Hogan

What Authors Need to Know About School Visit Contracts

Authors love doing school visits, but with the rise in orchestrated, coordinated effort in book banning, planning ahead by having a well-written contract. **SCBWI is updating their site, and this article isn’t available right now. I’ll update the link as soon as it is!**   I wrote an article about this for SCBWI Insight, read… Read more »

Upcoming Events May 2023

Hope to see you at one of these upcoming events in May 2023! May 13, 2023 – Local Author Fair at Northland Library  May 13, 2023 – Greater Pittsburgh Festival of Books May 19-20, 2023 – Pennwriters Annual Conference

Upcoming Events! April 2023

Here are some upcoming events for April 2023! April 11, 2023 I’ll be on Pittsburgh Today Live talking about the Greater Pittsburgh Festival of Books April 17-May 4, 2023 Write Your Own Book Club at Ross Elementary April 20, 2023 What is Work for Hire? Online Q&A with Much Ado About Writing April 22, 2023 Introduction… Read more »

Why Farm to Table is Great for Kids and Families

  This weekend is the 8th annual Farm to Table Conference in Pittsburgh! I am really excited to be involved in this year’s event again. The theme for this year is Food Sources and the conference again offers lots of excellent activities for children. The conference has always been family friendly, but a new feature… Read more »

Grumpy Kids? Not these Kindergarteners!

This post originally appeared in June 2012.  Kindergarten Thank You Notes At the end of May, I read The Bumpy, Grumpy Road to two kindergarten classes here in Pittsburgh. At first they laughed with delight when they saw Dylan, a little boy, driving a car. They were impressed! But then Dylan started to use grumpy words. In each… Read more »

Recipe for Success: Simple Social Media Growth

  Debi Gilboa, MD, of AskDoctorG, is a rising name and national parenting expert and author of “Teach Resilience:Raising Kids Who Can Launch.” Over the past year, her social media engagement has increased significantly and she’s more than doubled her weekly newsletter following. She didn’t hire a massive marketing agency, she found the recipe for success… Read more »

Should You Deliver Bad News in Person?

Should you deliver bad news in person? I would argue yes. Experts say that 70% of our message is carried in non-verbal communication, that is how we convey meaning without words. The height of our eyebrows, the position of our arms, the volume of our voice, even the rate we blink all carry important information… Read more »

Are you the Good Cop or Bad Cop for your Customers?

Very few people like being the Bad Cop on the team (except for a certain physician that I know). But when you’re trying to get information, or change behavior, out of your suspect – I mean customers! – sometimes you need to be the Bad Cop. A client came to me recently, stressed, because too… Read more »