Elizebeth Friedman: Expert Codebreaker of World War II

Capstone Press, 2023.

An inspiring graphic novel about Elizebeth Friedman, a codebreaking pioneer who changed the course of World War II. Nazi spy rings! No-good gangsters! Shakespearian lies! Discover the courageous woman who cracked all these cases and more—with only a pencil and paper. The youngest of ten siblings, Elizebeth Friedman stood out from an early age with brilliant language skills and a passion for English literature. Eventually, these talents led to a new opportunity: codebreaking. Using ciphers and other trailblazing techniques, Friedman solved coded messages to take down some of the most notorious gangsters in the United States, including the infamous Al Capone. During World War II, as German forces stormed across Europe, she took her skills to the frontlines, thwarting Nazi spies and helping lead Allied forces to victory. In this action-packed, full-color graphic novel, learn more about this daring woman who took risks, defied expectations, and confronted the enemies of World War II. Other Women Warriors of World War II: Angels of Bataan and Corregidor: The Heroic Nurses of World War II The Courageous Six Triple Eight: The All-Black Female Battalion of World War II Daring Women of D-Day: Bold Spies of World War II Jane Kendeigh: Brave Nurse of World War II Nancy Wake: Fearless Spy of World War II Sophie Scholl: Daring Activist of World War II Virginia Hall: Clever Spy of World War II

Available August 1, 2023

Ages 8-10 / Reading Level Grades 3-5