School Visits – Virtual and In Person

School Visits 2021 – downloadable pdf

Presentations include:

  • What it’s Like to be a Writer – Students learn what skills they need to succeed in the profession of writing. Curiosity, creativity, and tenacity are key. Good spelling doesn’t hurt.
  • Researching Nonfiction – The truth is stranger than fiction! Students are introduced to the exciting topics available to non-fiction writers. Students learn about research, interview skills, and developing a narrative for non-fiction writing.
  • Author Q&A – there’s plenty of time for students to ask questions

2021-2022 rates

Virtual Classroom workshops –  $75 each 45 minute presentation (up to 25 students)

In Person Visits – $500 for a full day (includes 4 45 minute presentations of up to 100 students), $250 for a half-day (2 presentations of up to 100 students), plus travel

Book orders – Both in-person and virtual visits include an opportunity for students to order signed copies of books of their choice! Books can shipped directly to the school.

Email or call 412.837.9499 to schedule a workshop for your school!