School Visits – Virtual and In Person

School Visits 2021 – downloadable pdf

2021-2022 rates

Virtual Classroom workshops –  $75 each 45 minute presentation (up to 25 students)

In Person Visits – $500 for a full day (includes four 45 minute presentations of up to 100 students), $250 for a half-day (two presentations of up to 100 students), plus travel

Book orders – Both in-person and virtual visits include an opportunity for students to order signed copies of books of their choice! Books can be shipped directly to the school.

Email or call 412.837.9499 to schedule a workshop for your school!

Bring a Creative Camp to your school for an hour, an after school club, or a month-long workshop!

Creative Camp Downloadable PDF

Creative Camp – Make Your Own Books

Make Your Own Books camp is perfect for kids who love to tell their own stories. Each session we learn about a different kind of picture book, then make our own version.

We’ll cover:

  • Counting books
  • Wordless stories
  • Concept books
  • Interactive Books
  • Having fun with mistakes
  • This camp is great for kids in grades 1-6.

Creative Camp can be from a single session to five consecutive sessions. Each session is $75. Creative camp works as a virtual workshop or an in-person workshop. It’s great for homeschoolers, unschoolers, and kids in school!

Feedback from students in Creative Camp:

“This camp was super fun and the teacher is really great!” —4th grader

“I love seeing the stuff they are making, they are really enjoying it!”—Parent of 7th and 8th grader