Hello! I’m Elizabeth Pagel-Hogan.

I’m the author of books and stories for young and young-at-heart readers. My stories inspire readers to have hope, take action, and laugh. My books include Animal Allies: 15 Amazing Women in Wildlife Research and The Science and Technology of Leonardo da Vinci.

I love creating crafts, stories, and recipes for numerous magazines, including Highlights for Children. I’ve also written textbooks, atlases, and online educational content. I’m proud to be represented by Miranda Paul from Erin Murphy Literary Agency.

I love writing about history and science, especially nature and the environment. And sports. And baking. (The list goes on!) I live in Pittsburgh, PA, with my family and our schnoodle. I’m a birder, a community scientist, a runner, a board game fan, and I love baking desserts.

Want to book an author visit? Email me at epagelhogan@gmail.com

Need a critique on your manuscript? Email me at epagelhogan@gmail.com