Children’s media provides secret insight into business innovation

Creating a fantastic new product doesn’t always require starting from scratch. Just observe the world of children’s media. Some well-loved new books and television programs have sprung out of the marriage of two perennially popular themes. In our house, two telling examples are Shark Vs. Train by Chris Barton and Dinosaur Train on PBS Kids. Trains hold a lot of fascination for my boys, and adding big sharp teeth (whether from a live predator or an extinct one) is icing on the cake.

Consider your own product offerings and how you could re-combine them to attract new customers as well as seal the deal with your current ones.

When you’ve hit upon a brilliant idea, it’s time to share the news, and social media can help. You absolutely must have a strategy to engage the customers who are going to adore it and a good writer is key to a successful strategy.

Let’s do some brainstorming – what can you mix and match?