What’s Your Obstacle?

Make each minute count.

Make each minute count.

We’ve made our New Year’s Resolutions. Mine is: Finish, polish and publish that young adult novel you’re writing. I’ve got the desire to achieve this and the support of my family. This is the “Year of the Book.”

But it’s not going to be easy. There are obstacles.

How will I reach my goal? By identifying and eliminating obstacles.

I used to think my obstacle was “not enough time.” But it’s not. It’s “bad use of time.” There are lots of things that can distract me, use up my time and waste my time. Some I can control, some I can’t.

Do you know your obstacles? If you want to reach your goals or resolutions, you need to know what obstacles you will confront so you can be prepared to face them…and knock ’em down.

Be honest. Be specific. Be brave.

What are YOUR obstacles?