Your Kids Are Watching

Do your kids copy you?

They want to be like you!

Of course they do!

I was reminded of how much my children copy my behavior and choices this summer when I trained for triathlons. I usually run every day, but suddenly I was biking and swimming twice a week. And then my children started riding their bikes more, every sunny day. When we went to the pool, my children were eager to swim. My seven year old learned to go underwater and leapt off the diving board! My five year old, who last year could not be bribed to dip even his toes in, was practicing putting his face in the water!

It was great that they copied my triathlon training because we were all active and having fun. Good times.

But kids also copy how we act when we’re angry and frustrated.

Do you shout? Are you rude to the people you love? Do you refuse to calm down and carry a grudge for hours? Days?

Maybe you need help getting off that bumpy road, too. I did. When’s the last time you took a look at the signs and followed them off the bumpy, grumpy road?