Writing a Novel (Tips & Tools)

I use a few tools when writing a novel.

I do a long outline of the story. I write the shorter synopsis. I write a bunch of taglines to see what story idea sounds really catchy.

I use the alphabet trick when determining and deciding character names.

I draw maps of the novel neighborhood. I use the objective/obstacle/outcome approach to structuring and analyzing my chapters.

Today I adopted a new tactic: a calendar.

novel writing tools

Since my story is based about the school year, I realized part of my confusion and uncertainty while writing a novel was that I was having trouble keeping track of days. I’m also hoping this will help me analyze if my novel is too heavy in the beginning, and if it’s too weak in the saggy middle, and if there’s enough action at the exciting end.

I am absolutely completing this calendar in pencil, because I am still revising.

The Finish Line

I don’t really believe in writer’s block. I believe a lot of times writers just have problems with their stories that they haven’t solved yet. These tools are ways that I eliminate writer’s block. They help me visualize the story in a new way. Some writers have big pieces of paper taped to their walls, or draw out big charts to track character arcs and plot lines. I think eventually I will trace the character arc of my main characters once I’m done this version of the novel. I want to finish first, then go back and strengthen. But using these tools along the way will make sure my finish isn’t me collapsing as I cross the line, to use a running analogy. I’ll finish strong. Then, unlike in a race, I will go back and fix the weaker parts.

When I don’t have a lot of time to work on actually writing, there are some useful activities I can do when I don’t have time to write longer chapters.

What tools do you use to keep your novel straight?