Update on my 2019 children’s writing projects

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Tools of the Trade

It’s been a good year for 2019 writing projects.┬áMost of my writing is for children and young readers and right now, most is non-fiction. I thought it would be good to do a review of what I’ve completed.

When I think back to where I started, well, it feels pretty good.


But at the start of the year, I completed two editing projects for adult readers. One book was about a non-profit. The other book was for a Human Resources professional.

Writing Club

Then I jumped into hosting my first ever after school writing club for kids in grades 3-6. We met once a week, worked on stories, and at the end of the club we produced a printed book with the collected stories. We even had a book launch!

I’m excited because writing club gave me a chance to develop some wonderful writing activities for kids who love to tell stories.

Educational Non-Fiction

Next, I received my first textbook chapter writing project with SocialStudies.com. The original email from the editor went into my junk folder, so I was very nervous all the available chapters were assigned. Luckily I was able to get the last chapter of an American history textbook. The audience was fifth graders.

After the textbook chapter, I was able to secure two non-fiction book projects with Captsone. One was about gadgets and inventions, the other was about medical history. The target audience here was third and fourth graders.

Magazine Articles

I heard back from an editor at Muse. My pitch about the Great Backyard Bird Count was accepted. I submitted my article to that magazine.

Two of my fiction stories were also published in the spring. They were published in magazines that were new for me.

In addition to these publications, I also sold a fiction story that I’ve been pitching for years to a new magazine!

School Workshops

Also in May, I had a chance to host two workshops on the Rainbow Plate for first graders.

Writing Summer Camp

When we returned from vacation, I hosted my first ever writing summer camp. I had to make some major modifications to my lesson plan once I spent the first two hours with the kids. But I think I now have a nice collection of creative writing and storytelling activities for pre-literate kids.

Writing Coaching

Throughout the first six months of 2019, I continued to do writing coaching with a young writer in Pittsburgh. I was so proud to see him complete his first official story submissions ever. It did feel like a big rush of projects arrived in the spring. I wanted to get them all done before school ended and we left on vacation. It felt great to work hard and complete these tasks.

In addition to the work for hire projects, I’ve also been bringing my novel to critique group and preparing to tackle a big revision. And add on the work I’ve done as Regional Advisor of SCBWI for PA West. It’s been a busy year! And it’s only halfway done.

How has your 2019 been?

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