STEAM Team 2020: STEAM books for kids

I’m so excited to share that I’ve joined STEAM Team 2020! This is a group of writers who have STEAM books for kids coming out in 2020. STEAM is science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics.

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Also, use the hashtag #steamteam2020 to find out about all of the books and events.


Many authors will be sharing reviews of books and announcing book birthdays on their blogs.  I will add more blogs soon! Check out:

The Picture Book Buzz

Archimedes Notebook


I have two STEAM books for kids out right now. They are Medical Mishaps and Gadget Disasters. Both of these books are published by Captsone. Medical Mishaps covers old and incorrect ideas about medicine and medical treatments. Gadget Disasters is perfect for young inventors who want to hear about failed inventions.

Later this year, my book The Science and Technology of Leonardo da Vinci will be released. I worked with Nomad Press to publish this book. I can’t wait to celebrate!

What are some of your favorite STEAM books for kids?