But For Now…

But For Now

Not so long ago, things were one way. For now, they are different. 

Before, we pumped our swings as high as the clouds. Soon, we’ll slide so fast our hair stands up. 

But for now we’ll play in other ways. (On couch cushion obstacle courses.)

We used to sprint and shout “Tag, you’re it!” Soon, we’ll hold hands on walks. 

For now, we can still make each other laugh. (Video chat anyone?)

Last month, we sat in rows at school. Soon, we’ll be back in lunch lines and libraries. 

For now, we can do math, science, and art at home (I suggest cookies).

Back then, people left for work. Soon they’ll be back driving cars, on buses, in trains. 

For now, work looks a little different. (Wear your fancy pjs on conference calls.)

We used to cheer for our favorite team. Soon we’ll be back on the field. 

For now, we can invent new games to win. (Try sock-hockey.)

Back then we went to the movies on rainy days. Soon, we’ll be back watching the curtain rise. 

For now, we can tell our own stories. (And jokes and riddles.)

We used to rush from place to place. Soon we’ll have lots to do. 

For now, we can go a little slower. (Sleeping in is surprisingly fun.)

We gathered to feast with friends. Soon we’ll be back to sharing snacks and hugs. 

For now, we can send our love. (Time for an old-fashioned note.) 

Some things have changed, but some things haven’t. Like you and me. 

For now and for always, one way or another, we’re here for each other.