What is No Mow May?

What is No Mow May? It’s simple – don’t mow your lawn in May and give bees and pollinators a chance to find food. Grassy lawns are some of the worst things about habitat loss. So by not mowing we can give the non-grass plants a chance to bloom and nourish insects and birds. I… Read more »

What Would You Name Our Owl?

We first noticed our new neighbor in January. I mentioned it in my First Birds of 2022 post. We weren’t sure it would stay, but it seems to love the owl box we hung for it. We’ve seen it all through February! So, now that it has stuck around, we think it’s time to name… Read more »

What’s Your Favorite Bird?

It’s hard for me to pick a favorite bird. I usually list my top five. I love red-tailed hawks. I formed a bond with one that used to follow me when I went on runs and even killed a rabbit in my backyard. I love crows. They are so smart and family oriented. I want… Read more »

First Birds of 2022

I love birding. I love being out in nature, listening to bird song, spotting a feathered friend in the leaves and branches. I love keeping track of birds from year to year. January 1 is so exciting because I get to count familiar birds all over again! I’ve some wonderful birding moments this year and… Read more »

Let’s Count Birds

There are lots of great community science programs available for counting birds! Share this graphic with friends you know who would love to count some birds. Feederwatch  Second Saturday in November through April 30 You pick a site and watch for 2 consecutive days in a row. ~ Christmas Bird Count December 14, 2021… Read more »