When You Finally Get to Hold Your New Book!

I’m so thrilled I was finally able to hold my new book in my hands last week – what a joy!

I remember each stage of the process of creating this book. It started out as an idea for a field guide for kids to learn HOW to listen to bird song. Then it became a lyrical picture book for older readers that I hoped would inspire more habitat protection. Then I had the chance to submit a bird-themed book to Kiwi Co. thanks to my incredible agent Miranda Paul at Erin Murphy Literary Agency. I revised my earlier idea and added a lot more fun bird songs but kept as much of the science as a I could. And now, it’s a real book!

I really hope it helps young readers and their loved ones get out in nature and enjoy listening to bird songs, because they are SO GOOD for your brain!

It’s only available from Kiwi Co. at the Koala Crate subscription level, so you’ll have to enjoy this video peek.


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