Book Review

Books and Board Games – For Dinosaur Fans!

Who doesn’t love dinosaurs? Toys, pajamas, movies, chicken nuggets –  dinosaurs are everywhere. When you’re ready to go beyond Jurassic Park and learn even more about dinosaurs, it’s worth checking out the nonfiction book The First Dinosaur: How Science Solved the Greatest Mystery on Earth by Ian Lender. This book tells the story of how… Read more »

When You Finally Get to Hold Your New Book!

I’m so thrilled I was finally able to hold my new book in my hands last week – what a joy! I remember each stage of the process of creating this book. It started out as an idea for a field guide for kids to learn HOW to listen to bird song. Then it became… Read more »

Books and Board Games: For Butterfly Lovers!

  Did you know that I was once a butterfly babysitter? Yep, a friend asked me to watch over her two dozen monarch caterpillars – including feeding them and  cleaning up their poop – until they made their chrysalises and hatched into butterflies! That’s why I love the board game Mariposas by (again) the incredible… Read more »

Fall for the Book Festival Video!

Enjoy this incredible video featuring books from the Women of Power series from Chicago Review Press and shared at the Fall for the Book Festival!

ANIMAL ALLIES featured in Kirkus Review article

I’m so thrilled that ANIMAL ALLIES is featured in a recent Kirkus Reviews article “Books that Demystify the World of Work for Teens.” One of my goals with this book is to inspire teens to explore a variety of paths and being included in this article feels wonderful!  

Looking for excellent STEAM books?

Over the weekend, someone asked me what kind of books I write. I mentioned I write books that fit into the STEAM category. “I thought it was STEM,” this person said. “There is STEM and there is STEAM,” I explained. “The A is for arts, and it makes sense as so much of art and… Read more »

How a Book Smells

I love how a book smells. I love that slightly dusty, dry papery smell mingled with the chemical odor of ink. Unfortunately that smell can often fade, but it’s in my memory. Writers are encouraged to use smells in their books because when our brains read the description of the smells, our sensory areas light… Read more »

Wild About Reading Books

We love reading books in this house. We also love reading books outside, on the bus, while we’re walking, and even in the parked minivan in the garage. Graphic Novels The book that has captured the attention of this van reader is a graphic novel in the Amulet series. He got book 4 in his… Read more »