Reading and Writing Against Bias

I’m so excited about an upcoming workshop that I’m taking through the Highlights Foundation. “DISMANTLING THE KALEIDOSCOPE: ESSENTIAL CONVERSATIONS IN KIDLIT, A VIRTUAL SYMPOSIUM 2020” will challenge participants to “talk about misrepresentations in books” and “develop action plans for resisting them.” I’ve got all the books for the reading list. I can’t wait to learn… Read more »

Virtual Author Visits

Are you a teacher or author looking for a virtual author visit? I love connecting with classrooms and talking about nonfiction. We can work with a local bookstore to get kids copies of signed books. We have great discussions about research and writing about technology, medicine, mistakes, and more. I can do author Q&As or… Read more »

Watch This Space

I’m excited that Spider magazine recently accepted a fiction story and a recipe. They will be in print at some point. Magazines work very far in the future (think eight months to two years!) Eventually I’ll be able to share the actual publications. I also received a rejection for a word game that I submitted…. Read more »

Book Release Delayed

If you’re a writer right now, you know things are changing. I just learned that my new book, The Science and Technology of Leonardo da Vinci, won’t be released until May 2021. It’s a little frustrating, but I know when the book comes out, readers will have such a great time trying all of the… Read more »