How Storytelling Helped Me as a Mom

We all love a good story. This is the heart of the practical takeaways I shared in my interview with Rachel Nielson, the host of the incredible 3 in 30 Podcast. My episode “Using Your Own Stories as a Parenting Tool” aired in January 2021, but the ideas we discussed work any time of year…. Read more »

How to Write a Good Story and Bake a Good Pie

I’ve baked lots of things that taste better than they look. But about a week ago I baked something that looked better than it tasted. It was my first meringue pie, and it did look very nice. I was so proud. But it wasn’t quite as sweet or spiced as I hoped. It was a… Read more »

How to Revise a Manuscript

Many writers want to know more about how to revise a manuscript. There are lots of ways to tackle this important but often difficult part of writing. I spent a lot of time revising my book The Science and Technology of Leonardo da Vinci. As you can read in the interview, one of the toughest spots… Read more »

New Book Deal!

I’m thrilled to announce that I have signed with the incredible Miranda Paul as my agent and that I have a book deal with Chicago Review Press! Stay tuned for details as I work on this exciting project!

Good Board Game: Mariposas

I really love a good board game. One of my favorites right now is Mariposas by Elizabeth Hargrave (aka The Board Game Genius). Mariposas is based on the generational migration of monarch butterflies from Michoacán to Canada and back. There are only three seasons and each season has a limited number of turns. It’s fast,… Read more »

Ask An Author Premier

I’m excited about a new project for 2021: Ask An Author. When I was a kid, I wrote all the time. I wrote stories in notebooks. I typed stories on my grandfather’s old typewriter. I sent letters to friends and family that were a mix of fact and fiction. I read and wrote, wrote and… Read more »

The Gift of Gratitude

What’s the best part of writing conferences? Is it the chance to pitch? Is it insider information? Is it awards or the free food? I think it’s the people. The connections. That’s what I miss most about going to conferences. The last big one I went to was the SCBWI Winter Conference in New York… Read more »

Pantser v. Plotter – Resolved

You may of heard there are two kinds of writers, pantsers, who write by the seat of their pants. They let the creativity flow and discover the story as they go. Plotters plan it all out in advance. They know the ending before they write “once upon a time.” I’ve done a bit of both…. Read more »

SteamTeamBooks for Incredible Nonfiction

I love reading nonfiction. I love writing nonfiction. And I love being a part of SteamTeam Books. This website features year long announcements and celebrations of nonfiction books for all ages. Really all ages. There are “I Can Code” books for babies up to young adult novel length books. There are all kinds of books… Read more »