Is #PitMad Worth It?

Is #PitMad worth it? Did you have any luck at the most recent #PitMad? I think a lot of people think that unless they get a book contract sent via DM that day, they failed. But I say you need a broad definition of success.  Here’s how it worked for me, and why I think… Read more »


I’m chugging through revisions of The Science and Technology of Leonardo da Vinci. This book is coming out fromNomad Press in May 2021). I really love all of the activities included in the book. I can’t wait to see readers try them and share their results! Revisions can be hard, but how often in life do… Read more »

Do You Use a Standing Desk?

Do you use a standing desk? I’m trying out a new standing desk in my office. I used to have a very tall craft desk. I thought I might stand to write, but I couldn’t stand for eight hours. I ended up buying a tall drafting chair so I could sit sometimes. Then I ended… Read more »

Pittsburgh Writing Events

Where do you find out about Pittsburgh writing events? Of course, my favorite is the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators  But there are many more writing groups active in our region. There is so much going on. There are so many opportunities even though we can’t gather in groups. Sometimes I can feel overwhelmed… Read more »

Writing for Highlights for Children!

I’m always excited to receive a large envelope from Highlights for Children because it means a new story of mine is out in the world! “The Challenge Game” appears in the September 2020 issue of Highlights for Children magazine. It was inspired by a drill at one of my youngest son’s soccer practices. The message of… Read more »

Now Is the Time to Write

We’re at home and it’s hard. You may not be inspired to write the greatest new story the world has ever read. That’s completely OK. But if you can find some time to write to write to your friends, it will be be worth it.

What Would Your Character Do? The Hill

Scenario: You character encounters a huge hill. It’s steep, but climbable. Does your character go up the steepest part or look for an easy route? Does your character search for a marked path or forge their own? Does your character worry it’s against the rules to climb it? Does your character give up halfway? Once… Read more »

Getting Stories Published

There’s nothing like the rush of getting stories published. I have lots of magazine publications and now several educational publications. Every time I hear that a magazine or publisher wants to use my writing, I celebrate. Making it Happen I was able to share that feeling with the kids in Ross Writing Club. We just… Read more »

Rejections and Acceptances in Writing 2018

I like to keep track of my writing rejections and acceptances by year. Sometimes when I’m feeling frustrated, just knowing I have submitted ideas, stories, and projects gives me a boost. I use Numbers to track my submissions, but I also use an old-fashioned paper notebook. The paper notebook might be my good luck charm,… Read more »

Exciting SCBWI Announcement for 2019!

I’m so excited to announce that starting January 15, 2019, I am the SCBWI Regional Advisor of Pennsylvania: West! It’s a true honor and I’m really eager to build a new leadership team and to work to support the creative members of our region. We have some great events planned for 2019 already and we’re… Read more »