Three Movies that Are Great at Dropping Clues about Characters

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Are you working foreshadowing into your story? OK, good, but are you doing it in a clever way?

Consider this example I just read online.

“Foreshadowing is a warning of a future event through context clues in storytelling. In a movie like Jurassic Park, the foreshadowing is subtle. When the helicopter is landing to take them to the park, Dr. Grant (Sam Neill) only has two female connectors to his seat belt. So what does he do? Well, life finds a way and he ties them together, foreshadowing later when we find out the dinosaurs are reproducing unchecked inside the park.”

I loved reading that! And there are other great examples from three of my favorite movies.

  1. Becca in Pitch Perfect sings her own song at the audition. We know from this scene that she’s not going to just sing what people tell her to sing. She’s also late, which means she doesn’t follow the rules and do what’s expected.
  2. Cady in Mean Girls, her name is pronounced two ways. This shows that she’s not quite sure who she is, and neither is anyone else. Also, it sounds like “catty” and she gets sucked into some very not-nice behaviors.
  3. Bring It On – Torrance’s bad dream in the opening is about being naked in front the school, or being exposed, and she is embarrassed and humiliated. And guess what? She uncovers and exposes a huge secret and is embarrassed and humiliated. Torrance’s dream comes true when she learns Big Red has been stealing their cheers.

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  1. Alexandra Hidalgo

    Those are three fabulous films that have endured the test of time and have some fabulous offshoots (Mean Girls the musical on Broadway was dreamy… haven’t seen the film one yet). So, absolutely! The character-building foreshadowing works miracles and can be fun! Thanks so much for sharing!


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