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What did you create today?

Running helps me think. My kids see the world differently than I do. See things in a new way! My 4 yo says he sometimes sees a crack in the sky, sometimes a tree branch.… — SweetTooth (@OneSweetWriter) January 3, 2012 I don’t understand a lot of modern art but I appreciate the unique… Read more »

The Best Fitness Advice for your Social Media Strategy

If you don’t already go running, walking, lift weights, or some other kind of physical activity to increase your creativity and productivity, stop reading now and do 50 push-ups. If it takes you all day, so be it. Get it done. During my most recent run, I realized that the best fitness advice is also… Read more »

Do You Take Twitter Seriously? I do!

I read my Twitter feed several times every day. I read it for humorous tweets, tweets about what my friends are doing and tweets from business, political or social leaders that interest me. I don’t read the newspaper everyday. I don’t read a magazine everyday. I don’t even watch television everyday. But I read Twitter… Read more »