Who Edits Your Tweets?

“I wish I could convince our staff to send all their tweets to an editor like you before they went live,” a friend said to me recently. He’s the Assistant Director for Legal Affairs for a large university and often has to discuss inappropriate tweet content with other university staff. He’s not the only one…. Read more »

How do you handle negative comments?

Many businesses worry about having Facebook pages, Twitter accounts, Pinterest pages or a blog that allows people to post comments. They wonder, “If people complain about us on these platforms, it will make us look bad!” What really looks bad is not receiving negative comments, but handling them poorly. Take a look at this negative review… Read more »

Face to Face Networking Pays Off for Writers

“How do you find clients to write for?” people often ask. They must think writers like me stay in their PJs all day at home hammering away on the keyboard. I’m always honored to be a guest poster on Make a Living Writing and my recent post 4 Random Ways One Freelance Writer Networked and Found… Read more »

How to write about something negative without negativity

Take a look at this letter of recommendation below. To Whom It May Concern: C has been an intern at XX XXXX XXX Retirement Community since September of 2011. C has a genuine interest in helping people. She has had an interest in the elder population since she was younger as her mother is a nurse and… Read more »

What did you create today?

Running helps me think. My kids see the world differently than I do. See things in a new way! My 4 yo says he sometimes sees a crack in the sky, sometimes a tree branch. twitter.com/OneSweetWriter… — SweetTooth (@OneSweetWriter) January 3, 2012 I don’t understand a lot of modern art but I appreciate the unique… Read more »

Find the right writer for your project

How can a great freelance writer make your hard work shine? Consider one of my favorite writing assignments. Tell me how to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.  The worst answer is “you put some peanut butter and jelly on bread.” Where do you get peanut butter? Where do you get jelly? What kind of bread? How… Read more »

Do you make this common email mistake?

(The emails below are completely fictionalized and do not at all represent a real thing that happened to me or anyone I know about a year ago. I did change names to protect the privacy of the people this didn’t happen to.) Sent: July 1, 2010 To: Employee, Quicktyper From: Judgmental, Boss Subject: Important Creative… Read more »

What the heck are homonyms?

What the heck are homophones? Homophones are words that are pronounced the same but have different meanings, no matter how they are spelled. Bear/Bear (the animal/put up with that annoying co-worker) is a homophone but so is red/read (my stylish iPad bag/what I wish my blog was more). Homonyms are spelled exactly the same, pronounced… Read more »

A tribute to tone in writing

Talk about upbeat! The Oct 3, 2011 issue of Woman’s World magazine featured a tiny article titled “The Upside of Allergies!” that explains how people who get “rashes, itching or other such skin woes from touching certain materials, such as nickel or perfumed detergent” may be less likely to develop some kinds of cancer, like… Read more »