Do You Take Twitter Seriously? I do!

I read my Twitter feed several times every day. I read it for humorous tweets, tweets about what my friends are doing and tweets from business, political or social leaders that interest me. I don’t read the newspaper everyday. I don’t read a magazine everyday. I don’t even watch television everyday. But I read Twitter… Read more »

How do you find time to write?

It’s tough to find the time to write exactly when you’re inspired by an idea. This post, on my personal blog, captures a moment where I was both inspired and free to get my thoughts into a readable format. Enjoy. Villains and Heroes

What word is spelled wrong most often?

You know the answer to that old joke, right? It’s the word “wrong.” A colleague of mine recently received a really lovely note from a potential business partner that read, “Looking forward to growing our bushiness together.” Spelling errors are no joke in professional communications, but people make them all the time. I spend a… Read more »

Ain’t isn’t OK

Is it ever ok to use the word ain’t? As I was interviewing a professional wellness coach for a feature article, we both agreed it is a “hillbilly” word. We were sort of right, sort of wrong. In fact, the word ain’t is a “contraction of a negated auxiliary verb.” And while this contraction of… Read more »