Helpful Resources for Freelance Writing

freelance writing on keyboard

The keys to great freelance writing

Do you belong to a community that improves your freelance writing? I’ve found that freelance writers tend to be very supportive of each other. They don’t mind offering help to other writers and sharing effective resources. There are several communities that I rely on for help, from in person meetings right here in my neighborhood to people all around the world.

The Business of Freelance Writing

If you’re a freelance writer looking for some useful resources to grow your understanding of marketing, web site design, contract negotiations and more I recommend¬†The Freelance Writer’s Den and The Renegade Writer.

The Art of Freelance Writing

If you’re looking for places to hone your literary skills as a fiction writer or even a creative non-fiction writer, check out Scribophile. I also love the classes available at Women on Writing. Their blog posts are definitely useful, too. For children’s writers the place to be is the Society of Children’s Books Writer’s and Illustrators.

Social Media Freelance Writing Communities

There are lots of great resources with active social media accounts for professionals looking to improve their freelance writing skills and their business. One of my favorites are Studio 30, a group that not only offers writing prompts weekly but shares the posts of members on social media for increased engagement and feedback. StThe other favorite is Readers Aloud. This unique Facebook group offers members the invaluable opportunity to submit their work, have it read aloud by another member and recorded as an audio file. Listening to one of my stories read by an incredible narrator was an unbelievably powerful way to tackle a round of revisions.


What communities do you use to improve your freelance writing, from the business perspective and the artistic approach?