SteamTeamBooks for Incredible Nonfiction

I love reading nonfiction. I love writing nonfiction. And I love being a part of SteamTeam Books. This website features year long announcements and celebrations of nonfiction books for all ages.

Really all ages. There are “I Can Code” books for babies up to young adult novel length books.

There are all kinds of books and topics. There are books about senses, and coding. Books about oceans and moths. Books about archaeologists and poop! There are Minecraft books, biographies of well-known people (like Anne Frank) and not-so-well known people (ever hear of Emma Lillian Todd?).

Nonfiction books make great gifts for loved ones and friends, and for yourself.

SteamTeam Books started in 2020. It’s been so successful that we are carrying the group into 2021 and celebrating even more nonfiction! I’m thrilled to have books coming out in 2021 that will be a part of SteamTeam Books.

What nonfiction book would you love to write?

What nonfiction book would love to read?