Is Canva Pro worth it for writers?

There are so many things to think about when writing books. Character, plot, setting, voice, POV, tense, adverbs, cliffhangers, villains, heroes, and more!!! But once you get the story written, the manuscript sold, and the book published (easy peasy) then comes the hard work of getting the word out about your book and connecting with your audience. That’s where social media comes in. You need a website and accounts on a few platforms so you can share good news. But you can’t just post some words and hope people like your content. You need to get creative. You need to attract attention. You’re right back at the beginning of writing that story – you need to hook people!

I’m a pretty basic social media poster, I snap a photo and share it. My friend asked me what I’ve shared on my stories lately. My what?

But I did start one new thing, I got Canva Pro.

To test it out, I decided to have some fun with my favorite photo subject, Beckham the dog. We bought Beckham some new ties to wear for Homecoming, and he looked so good I snapped some shots. Then I learned how to delete the background of the original photo and placed Beckham in some silly backgrounds. I shared these photos on my Insta, FB, and Twitter, and asked people which one they liked best. Can you guess which one people picked?


If you said Beckham in the Board Room, you’re right. It was pretty easy to create all of these on my iPhone.

So, is Canva Pro worth it?

I would say yes, Canva Pro is worth it in terms of fun. I need to think about how to use it to do a better job of sharing my books with readers. I’m not a public relations professional, graphic designer, or marketing expert.

If you have ideas on how I can use Canva Pro to be more creative and make people smile, laugh, and check out my books, let me know!