Books and Board Games – For Adventures in Space Lovers!

Want to blast off with some fun books and board games? This unusual pairing is sure to launch your space adventurers into the stars. First we have the card game Space Team created by Stellar Factory. Like most rocket launches, this game is LOUD!! The entire game is about communicating with your astronaut crew to solve problems and build equipment and there is a lot of shouting. There is also an app you can use to play sound effects and a count down timer. If you don’t like quiet, boring board games you will love Space Team.

When you’ve had enough noise but your mission team wants more space, then hand them a copy of Field Trip to the Moon by John Hare. This wordless picture book is the perfect, quiet way to replicate the soundlessness of outer space. It’s also a fun way to spark the imagination of the curious mind about what is really out there.

cover of the book Field Trip to the Moon

As always, if you want to learn how to play, I recommend¬†checking out “Watch It Played” on YouTube. Also,BoardGameGeek offers a lot of great recommendations and Q&A.

Once you decide you want to buy a game, please look around for a local board game store!

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