Help for Picky Eaters: My Food Notebook is here!


A tasty alternative to the dinnertime battle

I’m so excited to announce my newest title is now available – feast your eyes on My Food Notebook! Again inspired by the challenges we faced as parents, this handy workbook gives kids a place to journal about food they try and consider whether they liked it, didn’t like, or were curious to try it again. It also encourages kids to try foods more than once and consider what seasonings or sides they like with a food.

I sent a few lucky parents some samples pages to try out on their children. Here’s a review from Heather and her daughter Maggie:

“Ok – first experience was GREAT!  I had Maggie (6 1/2) try a slice of canned peaches.  She’s had them 2 or 3 times before in the past year or so, never liked them much.  I had explained about the food journal before she sat down to lunch.  As she was eating the first bite of peach, she said “Hmm, it’s kind of ……” making a “so-so” motion with her hand.  Then after lunch, I said ok! It’s time to write in your food journal.  She was excited to do it – pulled out a “peach colored pencil” and went to work.  At first she said she was going to check the middle box, but after thinking about it a few seconds she said, “you know, I think I liked them.  I’m going to check the like box.”  Then, she said the most amazing thing: “Can I have another?”


I’m so curious to see how this plays out but I was really amazed at how the process of the journaling affected her thoughts about the food.”

Do you have a picky eater who could use some help from My Food Notebook?