Customers Love Customization (& Contests)

boy eating white rice

A very happy customer.

Customers love when a product or service can be tailored to their needs. One great way to attract more customers or clients is to be flexible and provide exactly what your client needs without driving yourself crazy. Right from the start, plan how much you can customize your products and services, and keep an open mind when someone asks for a slight modification.

This lesson is especially useful when dealing with picky eaters in your family, like I do. That’s why I loved this meal suggestion for individual pot pies from Debbie Koenig, also a mom of a picky eater. It’s easy to prepare and easy to customize – two components that I try to incorporate into my professional writing services and my personal family services!

It’s a great suggestion worthy of the contest I’m hosting to win a free copy of My Food Notebook.

To be entered to win your copy, make a comment here about a food you are surprised your picky eater loves before February 28, 2013.



2 Responses to “Customers Love Customization (& Contests)”

  1. Shawn Graham

    Great post. In most cases, a little flexibility can go a long way. Instead of being overly rigid and shooting customer requests down right out of the gate, take a second to listen to what it is they actually want and, whenever possible, do your best to customize their experience.

    • Elizabeth

      Thanks for this feedback Shawn. I know I love it when a business big or small can make a product or service a little more special for me!