Celebrate Leonardo da Vinci’s Birthday!

On April 15, we can say Happy Birthday to Leonardo da Vinci! Let’s celebrate by being curious. One option, if you live in Pittsburgh, is to stop by Riverstone Bookstore in McCandless for a Think Like Leo challenge!


If you can’t get to Pittsburgh, then get a copy of the book and try out some of more than 20 different hands-on activities in The Science and Technology of Leonardo da Vinci!

Tech Tricks for Writers: Apple Maps Update

Here’s another tech tip for writers!

Setting is so important to story. Are you writing a book set in a place far from home? Are you not sure what monuments or buildings look like as your character walks down the street? Apple Maps has a new update that gives you a 3D look at places, mostly populated cities, and can help you craft a more detailed story. Check it out! 

You’re Invited to my Book Launch Party!

I’m so excited to announce I’m having a book launch party for my new book Animal Allies: 15 Amazing Women in Wildlife Research (Chicago Review Press).

The party is on May 21, 2022 from 1-3pm at Beechwood Farms Nature Reserve. The address is 614 Dorseyville Rd, Pittsburgh, PA 15238.

We’ll talk about wildlife, science, books and more. I’ll be selling and signing copies of my book. And bring your binoculars or nature journal because you won’t want to miss a walk on the peaceful trails.

Here’s a link to the Evite invitation so you can RSVP!

What Would You Name Our Owl?

We first noticed our new neighbor in January. I mentioned it in my First Birds of 2022 post. We weren’t sure it would stay, but it seems to love the owl box we hung for it. We’ve seen it all through February!

So, now that it has stuck around, we think it’s time to name our eastern screech owl. And we’d like to hear your ideas!

What would you name our owl?

Do you want to hear the owl calling in the morning? Visit my instagram post here and turn your speakers up. 

A gray morph eastern screech owl


Tech Tricks for Writers: VRBO

Time for another tech trick for writers.

Where does your character live? What does their house, apartment, or room look like? There are lots of ways to get interior design ideas from Pinterest or Wayfair or Houzz. But what about VRBO? VRBO is an app that lets you look at the interior of a house or apartment. You can get a sense of the layout of a condo and what someone might see from a balcony or kitchen window. What does the driveway look like pulling up to a cabin the woods?

Try using VRBO to get ideas a sense of your character’s surroundings.

What would be your Color of the Year?

Every year, Pantone selects a Color of the Year. For 2022, the color is Very Peri. Here’s an image from the Pantone website:

I love the idea of a color of the year. I love the meaning that Pantone has ascribed to the color- joy, creativity, courage, and imagination.

We all need those qualities every year – not just after the difficult times of 2021 and 2020. So I’m embracing Very Peri and all of its feels.

I’m not a color expert. I’ll be honest – when I see Very Peri, I think “oh, purple!” Love it! But of course it’s so much more than just purple. It’s nice to remind myself that just as there are many hues and tones and tints and shades in colors, there are all of those same dimensions in people, too.

As they say, we contain multitudes. That’s important to remember when we have tough times. We have a deep well of strengths and experiences and wisdom and hopefully, love, that we can draw on when we need it.

Color has always carried symbolism. But the meaning have varied from culture to culture. In ancient societies, only royalty could wear purple. In American culture, white is for brides and black is for mourning. But in Asian cultures, white is for mourning, and red is for celebration. The gun violence prevention movement uses orange to remind us to save lives. Color can carry a message. What does it say to you?

I love all kinds of purple – including Very Peri. But I’d love to know what you think!

  • Does Very Peri make you feel more creative? More joyous?
  • What feelings or emotions or qualities do you want for 2022?
  • What color creates those feelings for you?

All About Puppies

We are a dog family.

We have a schnoodle and love puppies. At a visit to the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC, this spare brush painting from Japan engaged me on a deep emotional level. I loved it. I wanted to jump right into the scene.

Puppies are an excellent subject for artistic masterpieces.

We love learning about how dogs think and act. We love to challenge our dog with tricks and dig trails for him in the snow and play hide and seek in the house. We’ve taken him to scent training and the agility course at our local animal shelter.

Dogs can learn words.

Dogs can help people who are blind, people who have seizures, people who have disabilities.

Dogs can find things that are hidden.

Dogs are so fun, comforting, and smart. They know the difference between people and dogs. They think, “I am a dog, that is not a dog.”

I recently learned that cats can’t tell the difference between people and cats. They think, “I am a cat, that is also a cat.”

I find that difference between dogs and cats absolutely fascinating. I’m thinking about how to write about this difference for kids.

I don’t know a lot about cats, but I would love to learn.

I’m reading the book Cat Sense. But I also want to hear your stories.

So what is something special, funny, amazing, unique, or irritating your cat does? Please share it with me and who knows, it could be included in this new story!

Tech Tricks for Writers: Autocorrect

Here’s a fun tech trick for writers.

Have you ever gotten really frustrated with autocorrect? Of course you have.

But sometimes it offers genius moments. Unexpected combinations of words. Creative interpretations our logical brains would never produce. Hilariously inappropriate statements.

Just recently I suggested that my husband get a cough drop but autocorrect suggested a “cough frog.” Wait what? A cough frog? What could that be about?

In another text, someone told me they were as “giddy as a gourd.” It’s my new go-to phrase.

Autocorrect renamed my son’s teacher to “Mrs. Sewers.” That is a great villain name.

Have you ever had a really good autocorrect that sparked some creativity?

What’s Your Favorite Bird?

It’s hard for me to pick a favorite bird. I usually list my top five.

I love red-tailed hawks. I formed a bond with one that used to follow me when I went on runs and even killed a rabbit in my backyard.

I love crows. They are so smart and family oriented. I want to make friends with our neighborhood crows.

Baltimore Orioles are the birds of my hometown. But I never saw them when I lived in Maryland. I’ll never forget when I saw one in my backyard for the first time on Mother’s Day.

I think puffins are awesome, but I’ve never seen one in real life. It’s my dream to see one!

Now I’m struggling to pick a fifth. Is it the hermit thrush that landed on the trail in front of me? They have a beautiful song. The hooded warbler I hunted for all summer? The evening grosbeaks I finally saw with my youngest?

I don’t know if I can pick a fifth. What’s your favorite bird?


First Birds of 2022

I love birding. I love being out in nature, listening to bird song, spotting a feathered friend in the leaves and branches.

I love keeping track of birds from year to year. January 1 is so exciting because I get to count familiar birds all over again! I’ve some wonderful birding moments this year and it’s only January!

In 2022, my first bird of the year was a bananaquit. We were in Puerto Rico and these little birds were everywhere.

My first bird of the year in Pennsylvania was an American Robin. Kind of a classic.

A few days ago I heard some agitated crows outside. I went to take a look because feisty crows usually means a good hawk sighting. I was delighted and surprised to see the crows harassing a much, much bigger raven. I even heard the raven croak!

Then on a Thursday morning, as I let the dog out, I heard the unmistakable trill of a screech owl. We have an owl house, but it’s been empty for years. I glanced at it and was shocked and amazed to see we had a new neighbor!

Our owl house is south facing, and screech owls apparently love to get some sun. I don’t know for sure if it has made a nest in the box or if it was just stopping by. But I hope it stays!

Later that same day, I saw two red-tailed hawks land near a nest I’ve been watching. I thought we might see some great horned owls nest there, but I’d love to watch red-tailed hawks raise a family.

My family has seen the pileated woodpecker around, and we had golden-crowned kinglets in the yard, too. 2022 is starting off as a great year for birding!